Friday, January 19, 2018
  • Season 2 – SuperBowl Edition

    This is it! SuperBowl week is FINALLY here, and we couldn’t be more excited.  We sat down to discuss some rumors and speculations surrounding the NFL and the

  • Season 2 – Week 20

    Another week is in the books! Coming off a couple stellar performances, we sit down to discuss our 3-1 performances (the Rando went 1-3 — suck it!), the

  • Season 2 – Week 19

    Heyo! Well, that was a rough week of betting.  Scotty went 2-2, Helder 1-3 and the rando dropped a hot 3-1 in our laps.  Definitely not our best


Well – one of us had a good week last week.  Scotty went 4-1 while I went 3-5.  Not the best performance on my part, which brings my overall percentage down to 50% over the past two weeks.  Give the [...]

December 6, 2015 Picks


What a week!  We posted positive results yet again, with Scotty going 3/5 and me hitting 6 out of 8!  To date, that ties both Scotty and I up at 35 out of 73 for an overall win percentage of [...]

November 26, 2015 Picks

Episode #11 – Our Predictions Week 11

Heyyoo- What’s up everyone?  Hope everyone had a great Week 10 of betting.  Here at BaU, we posted some significantly better results – although that’s not saying too much given how poorly we were performing in the previous weeks.  However, [...]

November 21, 2015 Picks

Episode #10 – Our Predictions Week 10

What can we say?  When you’re bad… you’re BAD.  While Scotty posted an impressive 3/5, I managed to win approximately zero games last week, which brings me to 6 of 25 in the last 5 weeks.  Ouch doesn’t really even [...]

November 15, 2015 Picks

Analysis: Bills vs. Jets – Thursday Night Football

DISCLAIMER:  I am coming off of a week where I just went 0-6 on NFL.  Some might say that I’m due for a win or even a hot streak, some might say I’m just this bad.  After an epic cold [...]

November 12, 2015 Analysis

I Love Football But I Hate the NFL

I love football. I love watching Tom Brady dissect a defense. I love watching JJ Watt dismantle a quarterback and strike fear into the hearts of opposing running backs. I love watching Marshawn Lynch bowl over a defensive line. I love watching [...]

November 9, 2015 Rants

Episode #9 – Our Predictions Week 9

Another week, another round of terrible picks.  2/10 last week folks.  That’s the sort of shit you pay money to bet against.  You  would have been 80% if you faded us last week… incredible!  So this week broke up the [...]

November 8, 2015 Picks

Episode #8 – Our Predictions Week 8

Coming off of a 3/10 week here at BaU! So bad 🙁   However, we’re confident this week in our picks (aren’t we always??).  Here are the picks this week, listen to the podcast, you bum! Scotty Indianapolis Colts vs. [...]

October 31, 2015 Picks

Jerry Jones is a Despicable Human Being

If you needed another reason to despise Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, he gave us one yesterday.  The video below shows us Greg Hardy being the psychopath we all knew he was, as he gets into a physical altercation [...]

October 26, 2015 Rants

Episode #7 – Our Predictions Week 7

Hey Everyone – Hope you had a better week 6 than we did!  We’re looking to bounce back in a big way here this week.  Our picks follow – check out the podcast for the full analysis! Scotty Cleveland Browns [...]

October 25, 2015 Picks

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